Envious by Rayss

Redefine the way we look, the way we think and the way we drink!

Envious is not just a drink created for Bacardi Legacy ’19. Envious is a movement, a movement to make people aware of what is happening in their environment. Everybody is feeling envious every now and then. If you think you aren’t, you are not being truthfull with yourself. No need to worry, that’s why #IAMENVIOUS is here.

Being envious is not a negative thing.
Envy makes you look at others and wish for the same. It’s not a bad thing to do, as long as you think of it as a way to be better than yourself! You envy your neighbours’ car? Work hard, save up money and buy your dream car! You envy your friends’ charm?
Look deep into yourself and find whatever it is that makes you unique! 
Being envious is important and it is a must, that we start looking at it as something positive! A positive push to be a better me. A better you. A better us!
The envious movement is all about making people aware of what envy can do for you. We are the human kind, the species that created the wheel, that invented making fire! Planes, cars, rum! If our ancestors could do all of that… Why not think of all the posibilities we can create ourselves, right now, for our future?
Feel envious, chase your dreams, try to save and preserve what we have left on this beautiful earth.

Be better than yourself
Envy me, Envy you, Envy us


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